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Abby Wambach - women’s all-time leading scorer in soccer - helped lead the U. S. Women’s National Soccer Team to victory in the 2015 World Cup - had four rules to unify teams, and shared with the women of Barnard College in May 2018 at their commencement “the best way to create one collective heartbeat.” These rules can apply as easily to all humankind for their quest for Peace. A message like Abby’s is why the Peace League and Peace Champions help spread the word. 


Rule One: Make Failure Your Fuel - Failure is a high octane fuel. Fuel is power.

Rule Two: Lead From The Bench - Don’t call yourself a leader on the field if you can’t support your team from the bench.

Rule Three: Champion Each Other – Amplify your teammate’s strengths. Celebrate commonalities.

Rule Four: Demand The Ball  - Know when to be respected and take charge, but don’t sacrifice leadership.

The Advantages of Membership


  • Stand-up for Truth, Justice, and Peace.

  • Achieve Peace through the realization of Truth and Justice.

  • RESPECT all humankind.

  • Guide and assist the disrespectful.

  • Reinforce our democracy’s basic tenets.

  • Retain the principles of integrity held by our forefathers.

  • Abide no discrimination.


  • Access reliable sources on issues of relevance.

  • Receive the latest information and facts.

  • Join a network of like-minded individuals.

  • Engage in teamwork 

  • Enjoy collaboration and brainstorming.

  • Solve complex problems and complete difficult tasks.

  • Learn to appreciate individuals who may have differing ideas.

  • Improve your communication skills.

  • Learn to mitigate conflict.

  • Develop empathy.

  • Enjoy a commitment to improving the world for ourselves and future generations.


Lesson 1:  Insights on Truth - Fallacy Detection 


Welcome to the first lesson prepared for The Peace League website’s membership. We chose to begin the journey toward educating ourselves with thoughtful insights into truth. We also posted our first blog, the subject of which was concerned with losing one's wits. Both topics seem inexorably joined in the particular contemporary space-time continuum we find our world in for the moment. The learning objective is for the reader to discover in the material presented relevant comparisons to current events. Draw your conclusions keeping in mind that genuine peace is generally a product of trust and respect for one another.


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