Mission: We choose to promote peace by affirming our devotion to unspoiled truth and righteous justice.

Vision: We see a future where millions of people share a common cause of hope for personal, societal, and global Peace by joining under the banner of The Peace League.

1.  Individual
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2.  Groups
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Topics Under Review
The Peace League is developing information for members of the Registry which will include curriculum ideas for those interested in "spreading the word". The materials may be used in a variety of settings including individual growth and  understanding, classroom lessons, extra-curricular clubs, and student activities
  • RESPECT, an important human need

  • Fact-Based Decision Making

  • Settlement, Conflict Resolution, and Reconciliation

  • Climate Change: Is there an effect on Peace?

  • Emotional IQ

  • Statistical Basics - Reliability and Validity

  • Happiness and Positivity

  • Authenticity

  • Hope, Engagement, and Well-being

  • Paying Forward, Giving and the Effects on Social Order

  • Addiction and Hope

  • From Social Media to Privacy Piracy; From Instagram to Facial Recognition; Scoring Your Social Standing

  • Mental Manipulation: Mind Control, Reflexive Control, Propaganda, Gaslighting, Disinformation

  • Fallacy Detection

  • Self-determination Theory; Competence, Autonomy, and Relatedness

  • Cognitive Dissonance.